Technical infomation

Technical infomation

By taking advantage of our overall experience and technology in plasma applications, electronics, machines, vacuum and software, we develop and design various devices for semiconductor and LCD manufacture equipment.


Customized Solutions

To fit customers’ needs, we design and develop OEM products.


  • High voltage power supply.

  • ESC power supply

  • Multi channel phase shifter


  • ESC power supply (manufactured by Lam Research)

  • P5000マッチングネットワーク 信頼性改善アップグレード

    P5000 matching network

  • Trazar社製マッチングネットワーク 信頼性改善アップグレード

    Matching network (manufactured by Trazar)

  • SSDボード ABX279,ABX348,ABX490 信頼性改善アップグレード

    SSD board ABX279,ABX348,ABX490 

  • AMAT社製サーモアンプ基板 信頼性改善アップグレード

    Thermocouple amp (manufactured by AMAT)

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