Matching network

Matching network


  • AZX series (manufactured by AE)

  • Dome matcher (manufactured by AE)

  • AMAT社製DPSマッチャー

    DPS series (manufactured by AMAT)

  • HE matcher (manufactured by AMAT)

  • MW-25D marcher (manufactured by ENI)

  • MWD55LD marcher (manufactured by ENI)

  • Matcher (manufactured by DAIHEN)

  • TH-30RN matcher (manufactured by Astech)

  • RFS matcher (manufactured by Mattson)

  • Matcher (manufactured by Trazar)


We improve reliability by re-engineering.

HE Plus

HE matcher upgrade

We upgrade the main parts and control board to improve matching speed and reliability.

P5000 Plus

P5000 matcher upgrade


We upgrade the main parts specifications and prolong the life span.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with plasma.

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