RF basic lecture

RF basic lecture

Understanding the principle of RF is one of the most difficult research for professional engineers. We give the RF basic lecture for our customers and clients. In this section, only the characteristic contents are posted from the course.

In the actual lecture, our seminars have contents with exceeding 60 pages. If you would like to request seminars, click here to jump inquiry form.


Coaxial cable

Coaxial cables are used for the purpose of efficiently transmitting RF to the load, so it called “RF coaxial cable”. This topic is also posted about characteristic impedance.

≫ about Coaxial cable

Reflected wave

Traveling waves, reflected waves, standing waves are posted here.

≫about Reflected wave

Matching network

Matching networks efficiently supply devices with RF. MN matches impedance between an RF generator and a plasma device.

≫about Matching network

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